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Andy Ryan's frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) of what to expect during an architectural interiors & exteriors photography shoot. Including what's included in your rates, production process, delivery and licensing of images.

Architectural & Interiors Photo Shoot FAQ’s

Architecture & interiors photo shoots are collaborations between a photographer and their client. It’s important for me to help tell the visual story of your work and capture it in the best light possible for you to showcase in your portfolio and marketing to potential clients. Whether you’re an architect, interior designer, home & garden brand, retailer or real estate agent, it’s important for me to provide you with high quality photos for you to use in the marketing of your products and services.

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) to help you to better understand my services and what to expect during the architectural & interiors photo shoot process.

Who is your ideal client?

While I work regularly with architects, interior designers, commercial businesses & retailers, as well as real estate agents, I choose to collaborate with clients that all have the same goal in mind: to honestly represent their work and space in the best possible light.

By having an open mind and clear dialogue, we can discuss your vision and the photography process in order to deliver beautiful photography that achieves your overall objectives to market your designs, products and services.

How would you describe your style?

I compose for the scene and use natural light, capturing the mood and details of each scene to tell the story of your work and the space. Much of my work is done using ambient available light. If artificial light is required, I will use a flash or streaklight, and blend the images in photoshop for a natural look.

What is the rate for an architectural & interiors photography shoot?

My professional photography rates are specific to your needs. Rates are determined by the size of the spaces shot, the number of images desired and the agreed upon marketing use of the images. Contact me to receive a custom quote.

Do you charge for travel?

Travel rates apply depending on the shoot location, required transportation and the length of travel. Contact me to discuss photography assignments outside of New York City and the Tri-State area.

How do you approach each architectural & interiors photography shoot?

I work with clients to obtain as much information as possible prior to the shoot in order to set us up for success. I will ask you for any available information on the location including the address, size of the space, specific designs and products you are featuring, and available natural light. We will also discuss your shot list (number of images and specific angles).

I will also need to know any challenges we may encounter so that we can brainstorm their potential solutions. For instance, are we working in a commercial space that’s open to customers? We would discuss the available hours to shoot the interiors free of customers and exteriors free of customers and vehicles.

Once I have all the information I need and we agree upon deliverable terms, we will discuss the best available days to schedule our photography shoot and the ideal days based on weather. I will then send you an agreement for the photography shoot.

A signed agreement and a 50% non-refundable retainer are required in order to schedule our shoot. Once I receive the 50% retainer, I will confirm our shoot date and time. I will tentatively hold a shoot time for 24 hours until I receive the deposit, unless otherwise advised. I do my best to accommodate clients in the scheduling process and account for rescheduling up to 72 hours prior to a shoot.

Rescheduling can be done up to 96 hours prior to the scheduled photography shoot, on the next available day for both the client & photographer. Rescheduling under 96 hours prior to the shoot requires a rescheduling fee of 80% of the photography shoot. A cancellation of the photography shoot is billed at 90% of the full rate.

What is your On-Site Process?

I will arrive 10-15 minutes prior to the photo shoot. I require the space and scenes to be shoot-ready prior to my arrival. Here is a checklist to prepare for your shoot (click here). When followed, it proves to be a good tool to make for a seamless photography shoot.

Although I do help my clients move a few light things to help set the scene for shot composition, I do not stage shoots. If you need recommendations for photography staging, I can provide you with a list of professional interior designers and stagers who can prepare your spaces in advance of the shoot.

Clients will be supplied an iPad to approve each angle and review each composition as we shoot.

How long does an architectural & interiors photography shoot take?

Time varies based on the size of the space I'm shooting, the specifics of your shot list, and our available light. While smaller projects may only take a few hours, larger projects may require multiple shoots to achieve your overall objectives.

Do you offer Post-Production Processing & Retouching?

Your final selections from the photography shoot will be processed in post-production, which involves composite blending of images for proper exposure & white balancing. This also includes retouching/removal of small nonessential items such as wires, outlets and the like. Any images that require retouching of large items that need to be removed/replaced such as furniture, vehicles, cabinets, etc. is rare, but will be billed accordingly.

What is your Delivery process and turnaround time?

For architectural, interior design and commercial shoots, you will receive unedited images within 3-5 business days of the shoot for editing selection. Once I receive the list of selects you would like edited, they will be processed in post-production and retouched. Images are processed in post and delivered within 7-10 business days with a watermark. Final payment is due at this time. Once I receive final payment, you will receive high res images optimized for both print and web.

For real estate shoots, images are post-processed within 48 hours, typically less. If you have requested additional editing/retouching prior to our shoot, it will be completed within initial delivery and billed according to the request. Any editing/retouching that is requested after initial delivery may take up to an additional 48 hours, and is billed accordingly.

Do you own the copyright to the images or are the images licensed?

I retain all copyrights to the images and license the images based on your specific needs. For client portfolio shoots, licensing includes single usage license for client’s website & social media. For commercial shoots, licensing is based on the intended use of an image (or images). If you would like a global copyright, you will be billed accordingly.

Are you interested in licensing images for editorial or commercial use? Please contact me to discuss licensing images.

Do you offer Multiple Client Usage?

If there are multiple parties involved with a project, such as architects, construction companies, sub-contractors, engineers, developers, interior designers, product manufacturers, property owners, etc., investing together in photography can significantly reduce the cost for each participant.

A 30% rate for each Multiple Client Usage License is added to the total project fee and then divided by the number of participants.

Here is an example scenario (sample project rate): $1,500.00 project quote, plus 3 additional participants @ 30% each ($450 each) = $2,850 new total, divided by 4 clients = $712 cost for each participant.
The invoice is billed to the commissioning client for payment. The additional participating partners will be responsible for sending their portions to the commissioning client. A further explanation of cost calculation for multiple client usage can be provided by emailing us at

For multiple client usage projects, arrangements and written agreements must be made with Andy Ryan Photographer prior to the date of the photography. Any party requesting usage of the photographs after the start of the assignment date will be required to purchase usage rights directly from Andy Ryan Photographer at full rates of the project and applicable licensing usage, and only with the approval of the commissioning client.





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