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What to do to get ready for your shoot? A Pre Shoot Staging Guide

Pre Shoot Staging Guide: Interior Design & Real Estate Photography

Preparing A Home For A Successful Shoot

Here's a checklist and some tips of what to do to get your residential home or property ready for a photography shoot.


  • Turn ON all lights, and replace burnt out bulbs.

  • Open blinds/window treatments to let in outside light. Adjustments may be made depending on lighting conditions.

  • Turn OFF all ceiling fans.

  • Remove anything from the floor that doesn’t belong on the floor.

  • Hide stacks of papers/bills/magazines, and unsightly wires and cables.

  • Put kid’s toys in storage containers.

  • Clean all windows – remove streaks, dust and dirt.

  • Close all lids, cupboards, drawers and doors.

  • Laundry rooms, garages, closets/pantries will not be photographed unless they are specified on location with photographer.

  • Living and Dining Areas

Straighten Pillows And Chairs

  • Remove all personal items from table tops and open shelving, except for centerpieces and decorative items.

  • Remove all remote controls.


  • Clear all kitchen countertops, except for decorative items.

  • Remove EVERYTHING from the outside of the refrigerator.

  • Hide pet dishes, distills, sponges, dish soap, and trashcans.

  • Remove dishes from sink, place in dishwasher.

  • Remove kitchen rugs.


  • Clear ALL items from tables and countertops, except decorative items.

  • Make beds and straighten pillows.

  • Hide trashcans (and Diaper Genies)

  • Pickup all toys and put them in containers


  • Towels should be hung straight, and towels hung on pegs or over shower stalls should be removed.

  • Remove ALL items from the bathroom countertops, except for decorative items.

  • Put toilet seats DOWN.

  • Remove bath rugs.

  • Empty the shower and sinks of shampoos, soaps, etc.


  • Remove pet carriers, crates, pet dishes, and visible litter boxes.

  • If you have pets that want to be in every shot, please crate them or otherwise contain them during the shoot.


  • Remove ALL car(s), lawn equipment, debris, recycling, trashcans and other items from the driveway (must be out of sight).

  • Mow the lawn and rake leaves/needles if necessary.

  • Roll up hoses and hide sprinkler attachments.

  • Open patio umbrellas.

  • Remove items such as scoops and chemicals and toys.

  • Close garage doors.

  • Remove cars from driveway and front of home. Be sure to ask your neighbors not to park in the front of your home