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Interior Design Photography of UES NYC Apartment featured in Domino

Interior Design Photography of an Upper East Side NYC Apartment Featured in Domino

Project: Upper East Side Apartment in Manhattan, NY

Client: Lori Paranjape, Interior Designer

It was a true pleasure photographing this apartment for Interior Designer Lori Paranjape, featured on Domino. The apartment was only 850 sqft, but felt much bigger. Mrs. Paranjape used the white walls and darker contrasting colors to bring depth and texture to the space for her client. In photographing the space, I wanted to feature those textures and capture the depth and detail Lori created in each room.

Here’s an expert from the featured article.

Every piece of furniture and decor in this apartment is brand-new. And while starting entirely from scratch often runs the risk of creating a final space that feels totally impersonal, that’s definitely not the case for the Upper East Side home Lori Paranjape designed for her client. 

“What I’m most proud of is that it really looks like my client,” says the Nashville-based designer. “It doesn’t look like she hired someone who just gave her things to fill up her space—it looks like this is what she would have built it to be. And that makes me feel really good.”

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